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Post  Michael Johnson on Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:33 am

Posted with permission from the author Thanks Pat Mike J

Mike J, Mike S, Steven M,

The idea to the remove the $1.65 per hour sick pay from the contract and redirect it to be part of the first year $3 increase is bizarre. They are suggesting we subsidize our pay increase while losing paid sick days. We bargained away 8 paid sick days in 2008 for the hourly reimbursement which works out if we work 2000 hours a year. At 1000 hours worked per year we only receive 5 sick days. Vote No.

The 2,4,6,8 proposal would make traveling to these job sites more expensive than it would be worth. Fuel, tolls and vehicle maintenance have gone up dramatically since 2008. Vote No.

Getting travel and mileage compensation will be very difficult since we bargained it away in 2008. I am for negotiating for them but would feel we are successful if we could get some compensation for mileage.

The private work proposal was voted down in 2009, and will not be acceptable in 2011. The question is if enforcement of the agreement requiring all labs to pay full scale to everyone with no exceptions is effective. With the current CELE contract and the Labor Board rulings, there is no reason for us to agree to this. NCTIA contract ratification of this provision would just re-start the whole labor board drama and end up undercutting our brothers in the CELE group as whatever is agreed to in either contract will migrate to the other contract as soon as the ink is dry on the newly ratified contract.

This contract is being watched with interest from OE3 members employed in the CELE group. OE3 members employed under the CELE contract want to be updated on our contract negotiations and want to be present to vote at ratification time to prevent the possibility of a bad contract. They realize that whatever we give up or lose will be forced on them even before they have to negotiate for their new contract next year. Next year we have to be involved enough to stay updated on contract negotiations and take the time to go vote at the CELE ratification as if it was our own contract, because as we already know, whatever is bad will be our contract.

I also want to ask why our union dues are so high. If we have the good fortune of working a full year (apx 2000 hrs), our union dues are between $2300 to $2500 a year. If we work a half year (1000 hrs) our dues are $1400 a year. Here at Smith Emery, we were forced to pay higher dues even as we had the PWA $5.30/hr reduction in pay forced on us by the side letter labor board ruling, favored nation clause fiasco. I find the steep increase in union dues during this period to be unjustifiable.

No to changing our insurance from the union to our employer, GPS tracking, and the other proposal regarding insurance.

If job actions are required, contact me with details. I will do my part.

Patrick Moran

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