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Post  Bill Norris on Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:56 pm

I wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank so many for the outstanding solidarity cultivated throughout the challenges of the recent contract negotiations. I understand too well that a contract is not yet signed and the task at hand is not yet complete. However, regardless of the end product I feel we should all be proud of what has taken place up to now.
To Mike Johnson and Steve McConnell, thank you for all your hard work through long hours and bringing the communication of the brotherhood to an unprecedented level. You guys managed to navigate the high road throughout difficult negotiations, and represented the brotherhood with honor and integrity.
To Mike Strunk and Dan Reding, thank you for your leadership, honest and realistic guidance, as well as tremendous support.
To the Brotherhood, thank you for playing such an integral role in sustaining a more unified membership than I have ever before witnessed. We had participation, attendance and positive input from members of all NCTIA labs involved. We also had attendance and positive input from members of CELE group labs. Solidarity, it’s a beautiful thing.
Also Kudo’s to Len and Marc for the pre-show entertainment! Seriously though we witnessed everyone come together for a common goal in the end.
Thanks again to all who attended and have been involved.
Bill Norris

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