Improve from the last contract

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Improve from the last contract Empty Improve from the last contract

Post  whsrispire on Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:12 am

sec 18.00.00 Members to vote on allocation of increased wages and fring
sec.07.02.00 Vacation, holidays, personal time tocompensate hourly rate, 3weeks vacation,8 holiday's 1 day per month= 12 day's per year a total of 35 day's to be at 15.5 % of hourly wage
sec05.02.01 flat 50 miles from residence plus commute time, each way. not which ever suits the Lab

Set up dispatch board to be fully portable. If a Inspector is off work more them 5 days he will be able to sign up on the board for next available dispatch.

Group 1 pay for members who Qualifiy recieve full pay scale full time.

Anything less is not exceptable. Raises to be negotiated.

Remember we are in the drivers seat. Can the employers get a qualified inspectors off the street, I don't think so. Be strong, be calm, Act like this is a job and study the contract like a CODE book.


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